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Audit Reveals Rs2.4 Billion Irregularities in Balochistan Dam Projects

Audit Reveals Rs2.4 Billion Irregularities in Balochistan Dam Projects

Construction Delays and Unauthorized Expenditures Drive Up Costs

A special audit has uncovered substantial financial discrepancies amounting to Rs2.4 billion in the construction of 100 dams in Balochistan. These irregularities, coupled with significant construction delays, have escalated the overall costs of the projects.

Audit Findings and Delays

According to a report by Dawn, the audit revealed that only 26 out of the 100 dams were completed by 2021, three years past the initial completion date of 2018. These delays resulted in an additional Rs261 million in costs due to the prolonged construction periods.

Increased Expenses and Financial Irregularities

The project’s implementation unit and its supervision costs surged by Rs133.6 million. The audit also identified several financial irregularities, including an unjustified additional payment of Rs112.6 million to non-shareholders and undercharges of Rs9.9 million to contractors for income tax obligations.

Unauthorized Expenditures and Mismanagement

The audit highlighted unauthorized expenditures exceeding Rs950 million used to complete the projects and Rs150 million allocated for laboratory tests that were never conducted. Furthermore, Rs131.8 million was reportedly spent on soil extraction and rock blasting, raising concerns about the proper management and allocation of funds.

Call for Accountability

The audit report has called for immediate action against those responsible for the mismanagement and misappropriation of funds. It suggests a deeper investigation into the project delays and financial irregularities to ensure accountability and proper use of resources.


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