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Special Services Lead and Mental Behavioral Health Specialist


 Minnetonka, Minnesota

Employment Type: Full-time

Company Overview

In collaboration with Hopkins, Jobs for Humanity is dedicated to constructing an inclusive and equitable employment environment in the Minnetonka area. Our mission is to provide support to individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life.

Company Name: Hopkins

Job Summary

The position entails two roles: Special Services Lead and Mental Behavioral Health Specialist (MBHS). The Special Services Lead assists in organizing and evaluating special education services within the district’s federal setting IV, particularly for students with emotional,

behavioral, and social needs. The MBHS plays a pivotal role in the district’s educational framework, offering essential support and guidance to students encountering academic and social-emotional challenges.

Essential Functions

Below are the core responsibilities associated with these roles:

  1. Coordination and Facilitation:

  • Facilitate workflow within the department to ensure effective communication and task accomplishment related to special education services implementation.
  • Coordinate and monitor student referrals and placements in out-of-district educational programs.
  1. Collaboration and Support:

  • Collaborate with school administrators and staff to address behavioral and social-emotional issues among students, families, and staff.
  • Maintain an environment conducive to parent engagement with students with disabilities and provide ongoing public communication regarding Special Services Department initiatives.
  1. Program Development and Evaluation:

  • Assist in program evaluation, data collection, and trend analysis.
  • Implement research-based teaching methodologies for specialized instruction, ensuring fidelity of implementation aligned with state and district standards.
  1. Professional Development and Training:

  • Collaborate with administration to implement and evaluate professional development opportunities.
  • Participate in designing, implementing, and evaluating early interventions for students encountering academic and behavioral difficulties.
  1. Direct Support and Interventions:
  • Provide direct social-emotional skill services to special education students, conducting evaluations and assessments as necessary.
  • Utilize evidence-based practices across various aspects of work, including consultations and evaluations.


To be successful

in this role, candidates should meet the following qualifications:

Education and Experience:

  • Licensed as a school worker, preferably LICSW.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of professional experience in special education programs.

Certificates, Licenses, and Registrations:

  • Active MN Educator’s License in Special Education.
  • Valid driver’s license.

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Familiarity with district policies, state and federal laws governing Special Services Programs, and community resources.
  • Proficiency in making effective oral presentations and using computer applications related to the work.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to manage and coordinate various Special Services programs and operational issues effectively.

Physical/Mental Requirements:

  • Mobility to work in an office setting and use standard office equipment.
  • Stamina to sit for extended periods and strength to lift and carry objects as necessary.


The Special Services Lead and Mental Behavioral Health Specialist roles at Hopkins offer an opportunity to contribute to the creation of an inclusive and supportive educational environment. With a focus on collaboration, program development, and direct student support, these positions are integral to the district’s mission of providing high-quality education for all learners.


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